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Understanding and Maximizing the Concept of Digitalization

The understanding of the concept of digitalization as the new normal is of utmost importance for maximizing all the benefits that come with it. Digitalization provides a platform to promote the potential of different individuals to the people anywhere in the world in need of such abilities. It helps to bring to fore the abilities […]

What Makes a Good School Administrator

Whether you’re new to the role or you’re a seasoned veteran, serving as a school administrator is challenging. Some of your day-to-day challenges stem from obvious sources — student behavior problems, lack of funding, teacher shortages, etc. — but many of the challenges you face as a school administrator go way beyond that. How can […]

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Reality V Mentality III: Parents’ Roles in the Self Discovery of Children

The basic platform of comparing reality with mentality is dependent on self-discovery. It is disheartening that many people have gone to the grave beyond without discovering who exactly they were. It will be a great loss if you also join them in this subtle but very costly loss. How will you live your life on […]

LICO Excursion5

As part of our efforts at improving academic achievement in this academic session, our Research Team (an internal learning – monitoring and research organ) has come out with the following findings: A. Parents’ Factors Affecting Children’s Academic Performance: i. Lack of provision of text-books and / or other relevant learning materials; ii. Delay in payment […]

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